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The 17-year-old beauty has a face as beautiful as a Greek goddess: Men in the world are crazy in love

As soon as they saw the first picture, the world’s netizens immediately became feverish with the image of Ringailė Demšytė, a beautiful 17-year-old hot girl like the Greek goddess in ancient stories.

The flawless beauty of Ringailė Demšytė is likened to a perfect divine beauty, captivating viewers at first sight, whether that person is male or female.

The series of portraits of Ringailė Demšytė by Chinese photographer Yi Liran surprised many people by the beauty of this female model.

Most people think that Ringailė Demšytė not only possesses a perfect, excellent face, but also has the cold, pure aura of a real goddess.

Ringailė Demšytė’s face is beautiful without dead angles, no matter what angle, Ringailė is still perfectly beautiful.

According to the posted information, Ringailė Demšytė was born and raised in the capital Vilnius, Lithuania. Currently, she is living and working as a freelance model in Tokyo, Japan.

Ringailė Demšytė’s beautiful goddess-like photos were taken in Hangzhou, China in a single invitation to cooperate with photographer Yi Liran.

Ringailė Demšytė is 1m71 tall, has three-round measurements of 82, 61, and 89, respectively, with her original hair color is bright blonde, and her eyes are gray and blue.

Although not possessing outstanding height like some other models, Ringailė Demšytė has a beautiful face that is escapist, very suitable for modeling, especially as a portrait model.

Although Ringailė Demšytė’s photo series was taken a long time ago, but until now, when it is widely shared across youth forums, the model’s name is well known.

The number of interactions on Ringailė Demšytė’s personal Instagram and Facebook increased rapidly. However, Internet users easily realize that Ringailė Demšytė is not a girl who likes to live virtual.

Most of the pictures on Ringailė Demšytė’s personal page are pictures of the scenery in the places she goes to, very few selfies showing off her beauty or body.

This is a photo of Ringailė Demšytė transforming into a fairy in the forest, also taken by photographer Heron Ly Nhien last winter.

Her beauty makes viewers flutter and utter words of envy and admiration. Previously, Ringailė Demšytė also modeled for young fashion brands and received a lot of positive feedback.

With a beautiful face without dead corners, Ringailė Demšytė is also a very popular cosmetic and jewelry model.

Netizens believe that, after the portrait photos of Ringailė Demšytė go viral, this 17-year-old model will surely shine more and more. At the same time, the images of Ringailė Demšytė will also appear more popular, not dripping like the present.

After this popularity, Ringailė Demšytė will surely gain a large international fan base. After this popularity, Ringailė Demšytė will surely gain a large international fan base.