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Thailand’s most beautiful transgender beauty Nong Poy: A arduous past to be true to herself

Nong Poy is one of the most beautiful and famous transgender beauties from Thailand. After nearly 20 years since she was crowned the highest title of the Miss International transgender contest, over the past time, she has spent a lot of time studying, doing business and rarely appearing in front of the media.

Recently, the beautiful 8X surprised when she announced that she was engaged and about to get on a flower car with her business boyfriend. After announcing the happy news, Nong Poy received countless congratulations from fans as well as friends in the entertainment world.

Before finding the other half of her life, the love life of a talented transgender beauty was quite rough. In the past, Nong Poy experienced a five-year love affair but broke up, and was entangled in rumors of falling in love with Co Thien Lac while filming a movie together.

Nong Poy – one of the most popular transgender beauties in Thailand

Outstanding appearance, flawless face

Nong Poy, real name Treechada Petcharat, was born on October 5, 1986 in Phang Nang province, southern Thailand. Born male, but from an early age, Nong Poy had clear feelings about his true gender. At the age of 17, Nong Poy decided to undergo gender reassignment surgery so that she could live up to her desires.

After successfully transitioning, over time, Nong Poy’s physique and beauty increased in popularity. The number 1 transgender beauty in Thailand has a delicate face, high nose bridge, bright eyes, pink lips and smooth white skin. Therefore, Nong Poy’s bare face has become a topic of interest and admiration from netizens for a long time.

Before and after pictures of Nong Poy’s gender reassignment surgery

She has smooth white skin, high nose bridge and talking eyes

Nong Poy’s sexy and seductive body makes anyone look at it and squirm

The bare face of Thailand’s No. 1 transgender beauty is flawless, not inferior to the carefully made-up face

Multi-talented beauty

With beautiful beauty and an ideal height of 1.71 m, Nong Poy was crowned the Miss Transgender contest in Thailand before continuing to win the highest position at the Miss International Transgender contest in the coming year. year 2014.

These two titles are a solid foundation for Nong Poy to enter the entertainment world of the golden pagoda. She constantly appears at award ceremonies, fashion events and on the cover of famous magazines. Besides, the beauty was also chosen to be the face of some famous Thai beauty brands.

Although many seasons of Miss Transgender have passed, Nong Boy has always been a difficult wall to beat in this beauty arena.

In 2015, she was the only transgender person to appear in the list of Top 100 Most Beautiful Faces in the World voted by TC Candler.

After 2010, Nong Poy started looking for career development opportunities outside of Thailand. In 2013, she received an invitation to participate in the White Storm project of director Tran Moc Thang and had the opportunity to cooperate with leading actors in Hong Kong such as Co Thien Lac, Truong Gia Huy, Luu Thanh Van… Also thanks That’s why the name of the transgender beauty is becoming more and more known.

In the past few years, Nong Poy has taken time to rest and enjoy life. According to some sources, in 2022, the beauty will focus on getting a master’s degree as well as business development. Therefore, she rarely attends events in the entertainment industry, but only accepts to act in some advertisements and take photos of magazines.

Nong Poy’s image appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine recently

The number of times transgender beauties appear on television is also less and less

A beauty with a twisted love line

Nong Poy can be seen as a pretty secretive about private love affairs. Before she fell in love with her current boyfriend, the audience only knew that Nong Poy had a long-term relationship with handsome golfer Warwick Wong but failed. The couple broke up after nearly 5 years of being together because of disagreements in life views. In an interview in 2012, Nong Poy shared that although she was sad after breaking up with Warwick, she did not regret the time they spent together.

Photos of Nong Poy and Warwick when they were still hot

During the period of emotional trouble with Warwick Wong, Nong Poy was also entangled in rumors of loving senior Co Thien Lac after both co-starring in White War. However, the beauty quickly denied the rumors and confirmed that the Hong Kong actor only considers himself as a sister.

Nong Poy explained that he and “Hong Kong showbiz tycoon” were just close brothers

A beautiful ending with a businessman boyfriend at the age of 37

On the evening of February 2, the leading newspapers of the Golden Temple country simultaneously reported that the most beautiful transgender beauty in Thailand, Nong Poy, was about to marry businessman Oak Phakwa Hongyok. Oak Phakwa is the heir of Ar Jor – the business owner of a famous chain of museums, restaurants and cafes in Phuket province, Thailand. Previously, the couple had completed their engagement ceremony and set an official wedding date on March 1.

According to Thairath, the news of Nong Poy’s wedding with Oak Phakwa Hongyok was revealed on Baan Ar Jor – the official fanpage of the restaurant chain owned by the groom’s family. On the girl’s side, Nong Poy also posted a picture of herself and her boyfriend on her personal page with a heart symbol instead of the marriage announcement. Immediately, friends, colleagues and a large number of fans sent their congratulations to the beautiful 8X, wishing her a happy married life in the future.

Nong Poy announced the good news on his personal page and received congratulations from many friends and colleagues. She will be sharing a house with her businessman boyfriend on March 1