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The mystery of the 4.5m-long “monster” body washed ashore, scientists vehemently debated the identity of the creature because they still could not see what it was.

After many opinions were made, people still could not conclude about the identity of the strange creature that suddenly appeared on the beach.

On July 29, people walking on Merseyside beach in Liverpool city (UK) suddenly discovered a giant strange creature with a strong stench lying on the sand. Eyewitnesses were unable to determine what the headless but hairy, heavily decomposed animal was.

One man exclaimed: “It’s so weird. It’s like a mess of different things combined into one. It’s 4.5 meters long, it has legs, it’s hairy, and it seems to have another creature attached to it. through the umbilical cord, so it could have given birth. It’s almost like a whale ate a horse and that horse ate a dolphin. Very odd.”

Strange creatures washed up on Merseyside beach attracted the attention of netizens and the media.

The man (who requested anonymity) shared photos of the “sea monster” on a Facebook page called “Ainsdale Community”. The post quickly attracted the attention of the online community. Many people made predictions about the identity of the strange creature while many people looked and still could not find anything.

A local woman, who filmed a video of the strange creature, said: “It’s called the Ainsdale monster. My first assumption was that it could be a whale. Some people think it’s a whale. it’s a cow or a horse. I honestly have no idea. But I’m inclined to assume it’s a woolly mammoth or an alien in distress at sea.”

The animal is about 4.5 meters long.

The 32-year-old woman said the animal’s body smelled terrible, even making her suffocate and nauseous.

“I didn’t get too close because there were a lot of flies and the smell was terrible,” she said. “When I went around to shoot the video I had to hold my breath because it was against the wind. It was badly decomposed.”

The carcass of this animal smelled terrible.

The woman added that an official from Natural England had come down to examine the body, but was unable to move it alone, requiring the assistance of machines and a few workers.

When photos of the strange creature were shared online, people guessed it could be a walrus, a cow, a horse and a donkey, with many making even more bizarre suggestions. . Marine biologists at the University of Liverpool were asked to comment but have not yet commented.