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Top 5 beauties with the most beautiful face in the world thanks to their golden ratio: The perfect beauty of the ancient Greeks.

According to the Daily Mail, 23-year-old model, Bella Hadid has been declared “the most beautiful beauty in the world”. To get this result, scientists based on an equation called the golden ratio – “golden ratio” devised in ancient Greece (another name: the golden ratio of African beauty).

Since the European Renaissance, the golden ratio has been used by painters and architects to aid in the creation of their masterpieces. Since then, this equation has been used to determine the proportions, the standards of things that need to be determined to be beautiful or not. It seems a bit outdated, but when Harley Street esthetician, Dr. Julian De Silva uses computerized scale mapping techniques, many beauties make the list of the golden ratio.

“Bella Hadid is the clear winner as all measured facial contours represent perfection,” said esthetician Harley Street. In addition, according to the Daily Mail, Bella Hadid’s golden body proportions are achieved when “her eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, jaw and face shape have all been measured and come closest to the look. perfect beauty of the ancient Greeks”.

Bella Hadid scored 94.35%, followed by singer Beyoncé with 92.44%, actress Amber Heard ranked 3rd with a score of 91.85%, Ariana Grande ranked 4th with a score of 91.81% and 5th place belongs to Taylor Swift 91.64%.

1. Model Bella Hadid (94.35%)

Evaluate the score on Bella Hadid’s face with the highest score for the chin, second for the eyes and the lowest for the forehead.

Bella Hadid is a familiar face to the world fashion village thanks to her standard body proportions.

The 23-year-old beauty has a desirable modeling career with many advertising contracts and invitations to appear at the event.

2. Singer Beyoncé (92.44%)

Evaluate the face score of Beyonce, the 38-year-old female singer with a low score for the eyebrows and nose.

3. Actress Amber Heard (91.85%)

Amber Heard’s face with the corner of her lips and chin is almost perfect.

The beauty has a charming face, helping her to receive many acting invitations in addition to the talent factor.

Amber Heard everyday life with strong fashion style.

4. Singer Ariana Grande (91.81%)

The eyebrows are the lowest point on Ariana Grande’s face.

Ariana Grande often changes her style every time she appears in front of the media.

The girl with personality, somewhat rebellious in music has a modest height of 1m53.

5. Singer Taylor Swift (91.64%)

Similar to Ariana Grande, on Taylor Swift’s face, the eyebrows are the lowest part.

According to the golden ratio, Taylor’s face scores high on the chin and nose.

Thanks to the height of 1m78, when standing with the models, Taylor Swift’s appearance is not inferior to any beautiful people.