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Admire the beauty of the most beautiful actress in the world in 2023: The face is like a Greek goddess, the body fascinates the eyes.

Controversy for being called “the most beautiful actor in the world”.

Recently, Greattopten website has announced the list of 10 most beautiful actresses in the world in 2023. In which, Dich Le Nhiet Ba was honored in first place, surpassing many other famous beauties such as Emma Watson, Kristen Stewart, Song Hye Kyo, Alexandra Daddario, Hande Ercel, Yaya Urassaya Sperbund, Deepika Padukone, Katherine Langford and Gal Gadot.

In order to rank Dilraba at the top, Greattopten emphasized that she is the representative of many big brands, has a huge number of followers on social networks and is famous for her beauty and top fashion sense. High.

On the forums, many viewers also agree with the rankings because they think that Dich Le Nhiet Ba possesses outstanding beauty compared to beauties of the same age. After Pham Bang Bang, Dich Le Nhiet Ba is the next female star to attract great attention every time she appears on the Cbiz red carpet.

Many magazine designs of Dich Le Nhiet Ba received praise, she also many times reached the top of the search for beauty, compared with beautiful words such as “goddess”, “music box dolls” or “beautiful” Xinjiang women”…

However, a large number of viewers also objected to this. Accordingly, they believe that the criteria of this ranking are vague and inconsistent.

In terms of fame, career or beauty, this actress is hard to match with some beauties in the entertainment world, especially Hollywood stars.

Accordingly, others believe that the ranking is only relative or voted by fans, so calling Dich Le Nhiet Ba is the most beautiful actor in the world is not fair.

What was Dilraba’s career like?

Dich Le Nhiet Ba is an actress and model. She is famous through the movies “Co sword period”, “Three births three generations of the occipitals”, “beautiful Ly Hue Tran”, “You are my pride”…

However, throughout her career, the female star has been involved in many controversies. She is not even appreciated for acting.

There have been many international press sites calling her a “mobile vase” when she acted with incompetence and awkward expressions in some works.

Even from mid-2022 to early 2023, Dich Le Nhiet Ba was almost silent, with no works on air.

On January 7, Sohu reported that Dilraba was absent from showbiz. She does not act in movies or attend any red carpet events. Dilraba’s sudden hiding when fame was at its peak caused the actress to be entangled in rumors of being pregnant.

In 2019, Dich Le Nhiet Ba was also unemployed because he was accused of using money to buy the title of Queen at the Kim Ung film festival.

The last work she participated in was in the first half of 2022 called “Elite Prosecutor”. However, this film has just started filming and has not yet set a release date.

However, when answering So Figaro magazine about the question of “no director invited to act” during the past time, Xinjiang beauty denied and said that she was overloaded and unbalanced after time. Long meet 24h working schedule to maintain reputation.

She did not have time to rest and the opportunity to focus on herself and her family. In order to ensure physical condition and re-energize, Dilraba is temporarily closed.

In terms of popularity with early 9X female actors like Duong Tu, Dich Le Nhiet Ba is no slouch. However, her name is well remembered for her gentle and pure beauty. As for her career, up to now, she has not made much progress in acting.