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The most mysterious village in the world: Day appears, night disappears

Although scientists continuously come up with many different theories, so far no solution has been recognized.

Referring to Dubai, everyone must think of a rich country with a lot of oil. For example, the tallest tower in the world – Burj Khalifa, the largest artificial island – Palm Jumeirah, etc. The existence of these famous buildings has made Dubai famous.

However, Dubai is also a place full of deserts and interesting things. But what is even more interesting is that in the middle of the desert of Dubai, there is a village that scientists consider to be one of the most “mysterious” places in the world. It was the village of Al Madam.

The village appears during the day, disappears at night

This village is special in that, it will disappear at night but reappear during the day. This village is so strange that people have named it “ghost town”. Why did this happen?

During the day, this village will appear but disappear at night. (Photo: CNN)

To clarify this mysterious event, scientists decided to go to the place to find out. Initially, scientists received information that this village had a disease outbreak, this disease had no cure, so no one dared to come near. There were even rumors that people had been seen walking around the village before, but then they never came back. Therefore, local people do not dare to go near the village for fear of danger. Since then, the village has become a place without people like it is today.

According to their observations, during the day, this village was completely no different from other villages. From the remaining traces, it can be seen that the people in the village are indigenous people, they live self-sufficiently and have their own unique culture. However, in the evening, a fanciful scene will appear, the whole village seems to disappear into the air, leaving no trace. When experts came to search, they found only golden sand. Surprisingly, during the day, the village reappeared in front of everyone’s eyes as if it had never disappeared.

The village is surrounded by golden sand. (Photo: CNN)

After that, scientists gave 3 answers about the strange incident in this mysterious village.



At first, they suggested that the village might have been submerged by quicksand. According to scientists, there is a lot of sand in the desert and often subsidence occurs. However, this claim was refuted because in daylight, the village did not seem to be affected or submerged by quicksand.

The original hypothesis that scientists put forward was due to quicksand. (Photo: CNN)

Second, some scientists explain that the village disappearing at night is caused by an illusion phenomenon. They think that because Dubai is half desert, half ocean, such a scene has been created. In the desert, the air is hottest near the surface and cools with altitude (because the sand is hot with the cold sea), so when the light is refracted downwards, we see the village disappearing. pass away.

However, there is also an opinion that the possibility of such frequent illusions is very small. Therefore, this hypothesis is also difficult to accept.

The second theory is that the mirage caused the village to disappear. (Photo: CNN)

Finally, after testing and analyzing, scientists have found the most feasible hypothesis. Accordingly, in fact, this village was formerly inhabited by the Al Kutbii tribe. Due to overexploited resources, the environment was also severely damaged, gradually desert and sand invaded the village, causing them to leave.

The third theory is that the wind blew the sand, causing the village to be buried. (Photo: CNN)

The population moved away so the houses became empty, the sand dunes under the influence of the wind kept blowing in and burying them, causing them to disappear at night. Only in the morning, the wind continued to blow continuously, so the sand was moved to another place and the village reappeared.

Although scientists continuously come up with many different theories, so far no solution has been recognized. The mystery of the village made rumors about it spread to many other people. Therefore, the village has gradually become a tourist destination that attracts many people who want to explore. But scientists still advise tourists that those who intend to visit the village should come during the day, avoid going at night and alone to make sure they do not encounter danger.