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It is rare to see the mysterious beauty of North Korean women: Gentle, rustic

Not only are Korean women good at domestic work and housework, Korean women are also praised for their beautiful beauty and fashion style that is not inferior to any other country.

Women in this most mysterious country in the world are not too fond of plastic surgery like Korea, so their beauty is considered natural, beautiful in a rustic way and still exudes a very unique charm.

North Korea is known for being a mysterious country that doesn’t use social media, so taking selfies or dressing comfortably like other countries is rare. However, Korean girls still receive the attention of many people.

Many foreign newspapers praise that Korean women possess a harmonious and balanced beauty that is reflected right from the face, boldly Asian.

In this country, bicycles are extremely popular, so almost everyone uses them instead of motorbikes or cars.

A gentle middle-aged Korean woman in traditional clothes. In North Korea, women wear colorful traditional costumes for many holidays or special family days and are often reserved for young people.

Young Pyongyang girls are commented to have a beautiful face that is not inferior to any hot girl in the world. Most of them have pink and white skin, harmonious and balanced faces

Even though they are dressed simply, without makeup, they still exude their own beauty

The flight attendants are elegant with short skirts, perhaps this is one of the few professions where women in this country are allowed to wear short skirts above the knee.

Women in this country often wear polite and discreet shirts or vests when going to work

Single eyelid eyes, nose bridge not too high, facial skin with freckles, … are the characteristics of Korean women

Young Korean girls still have a passion for new fashion trends in the world.

It’s rare that they wear the same uniform and participate in community activities like this

North Korean female artists perform in elegant costumes

Close-up of the beautiful beauty of young girls in the most mysterious country in the world