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Poland – the cradle of the most beautiful women in Europe: Men come here to forget the way home

Famous for being a friendly, peaceful and extremely beauty-loving country, it is not difficult to understand when Polish women not only possess pure beauty, beautiful beauty, but also have a combination of personality and characteristics. the ten-to-ten virtue of a traditional Central European girl.

The girls of the “white flamingo” country are not as hot as Italian women, not as glamorous as Brazilian dancers, and even less shimmering and breathtaking like Russian beauties. So what are the attractive features in them that make millions of men in the world go crazy?

In Polish girls, the attractiveness comes from the complete synthesis of elements from modern to traditional, they cherish and cherish themselves like princesses, princesses and treat people according to the stereotypes. permission of true elite citizens.

The beauty of a traditional Polish girl.

Physical beauty

Polish women, first of all, are known for their physical beauty and perfect three-round measurements. The girl in this most beautiful country in the world, from a young age, is aware that keeping a healthy body and comprehensive development is extremely necessary, families also soon educate their children. about the importance of a beautiful body, besides education and intelligence.

It is this right way of teaching that has contributed significantly to forming the habit of improving the girl’s body here.

The beauty of the eyes makes everyone look up.

Although possessing hot curves, it is undeniable that Polish girls have an unmistakable traditional beauty. That beauty is both as rustic as the dancers of the past, and a little nostalgic full of enchantment. Surely making anyone who touches the eyes of a Polish girl is also stunned with no way out.

A beautiful face that is traditional and extremely modern

It is no coincidence that many prestigious newspapers in the world are willing to put the name Poland (Poland) on the list of “Country of the most beautiful women in the world”. Polish girls not only possess a charming and attractive body that is hard to match, but also endowed by God with a standard face without dead corners, with porcelain white skin, alert blue eyes and tight lips. dream full of life.

Indeed, it is thanks to the face that is both western and mixed with the excellent Middle Eastern beauty that has helped Polish girls invincible in many global beauty contests.

In 2015, long legs won the global beauty contest in 2012, crowned Miss Poland 2015 – Weronika Szmajdzińska once again took the lead in the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas.

In addition, the faces that make up the beauty symbol of the beautiful country like the muse Rozalia Mancewicz – one of the top beauties of Poland or the hot model Izabela Wilczek are also on the list. “Beauty Queen”. And of course, not to mention the pink balls coming out of top beauty contests such as Miss Monika Lewczuk – a beauty who has a face without dead corners and blonde hair like an angel, or Miss National Paulina Krupińska.

They are none other than the golden faces that guarantee the success of the next generation of long legs, even though they are not the country that produced the beauty queens or outstanding models, but we can believe in them. Magnetic attraction of beautiful, salty Polish girls.

The face that caused all the newspapers of Miss Poland-Weronika Szmajdzińska .

The Polish runner-up is also in the “Miss Superpower” contest, really possessing the beauty of thousands of people.

Miss Universe Rozalia Mancewicz is extremely prominent in every beauty contest.

The heart fluttering face of Miss Monika Lewczuk

Miss Nation of Ten Thousand People loves Paulina Krupińska

On the side of the pink shadows, it is impossible not to mention the lovely long legs with the hot hourglass face and body -Izabela Wilczek

Or like the muse Amanda Warecka with her irresistible sweet charm.

Loyalty in love, teaching in behavior

Last but not least in creating the values and character of a standard woman is morality. The influence of family traditions, of faith in a just and equal Catholic society, early on teaches Polish women what is the core of a perfect human being. They can be beautiful and haughty like princesses, but they are extremely friendly and polite in their daily dealings.

Perhaps it is thanks to the absolute intersection between that beauty of body and mind that boys all over the world yearn to fall in love with a Polish girl. To a cold-blooded guy like super striker Lewandowski, who once firmly asserted that he super-hated blondes “because they looked slutty” fell in love with Polish beauty – Anna Stachurska. And of course, she also has a characteristic blonde hair, later to please her husband, she dyed her hair brown as it is now.

Anna Stachurska has a charming, salty face with an absolutely perfect body.

Besides England, when it comes to Wags beauties, it is impossible not to mention the beautiful Polish beauty with hot body – Marina Luczenko.