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The most beautiful famous hybrid beauty in Thailand: Was ostracized by fans because of a love story

Not only possessing an extremely attractive appearance, she also has great achievements in studies, and is famous for her clean private life. However, all the images of this beauty were destroyed in an instant when netizens discovered that she became a lot uglier when it came to love affairs.

Undeniably, Thai showbiz is a brilliant flower garden because it is the convergence of countless beautiful beauties. In particular, the number of hybrid beauties is quite large and is often loved by fans for their impressive beauty and a desirable career such as Chompoo Araya, Yaya Urassaya, Mai Davika…

However, there are also people who are enthusiastically “stoned” by the audience when entangled in emotional scandals in their careers, typically the case of the hybrid beauty Patricia Tanchanok Good below.

Impressive hybrid beauty, strongly attracting the opposite person

Patricia Tanchanok Good is just a young face that has received public attention in recent years. She owns an impressive Anglo-Thai hybrid face and is commented to have a similarity to the powerful senior Yaya Urassaya.

Besides, when smiling, Patricia looks similar to world famous supermodel Miranda Kerr with graceful dimples.

Patricia Tanchanok Good – Young beauty with charming beauty has been noticed in recent years by Tbiz

She owns an impressive western hybrid, like a Yaya hybrid rose like two drops of water

… and also has the resemblance to supermodel Miranda Kerr when she smiles

Great education makes many people admire and acting talent

Not only has a beautiful and flawless face, Patricia Tanchanok also makes her fans extremely proud when she excellently graduated as the valedictorian of the Faculty of Communication, majoring in Communication Management, University of Science and Technology. Thailand’s oldest and most prestigious Chulalongkorn. This is also known as Thailand’s rich children’s school.

In addition, although she did not have the opportunity to try many roles on the small screen of Thailand, the beauty born in 1997 still attracted attention when she appeared in a number of popular TV series such as “Vengeance of fate”. “, “Wind of Love” or “Angel Wings”…

Patricia Tanchanok Good proved herself to be a highly educated beauty when she became the exit valedictorian of the prestigious Chulalongkorn University.

The beautiful image on the small screen of this young beauty also won the sympathy of many fans of the Golden Temple.

The beauty was accused of lying when she betrayed her boyfriend with a great family

Undeniably, despite having a beautiful face, because she has just joined the entertainment industry not long ago, the name of Patricia Tanchanok Good is still quite strange to fans of the golden temple land. It was not until publicly dating with the “beautiful man of great power” of “Rebellious age Peach Pachara Chirathivat, that fame and public attention for Patricia became more.

The two often publish many sweet pictures on their personal pages and become the cutest new pair of chickens in Thailand. In terms of appearance, both of them are “matched for their age”, so their love is enthusiastically supported by the majority of “baby Dao” fans. The two have been together for more than 2 years with many happy moments, hand in hand traveling to many places, making countless FAs jealous.

However, in early August of this year, this beautiful love officially broke up when both Patricia and Peach admitted that they had been apart for a while. Perhaps, this “everyone’s way” story wouldn’t have been worth mentioning if netizens hadn’t discovered that Patricia went to dinner and took close photos with the rich businessman Note Wiset Rungsisingpipat – Her brother-in-law. Thai superstar Chompoo Araya.

At first, when faced with questions from Thai netizens about her relationship with new people, Patricia strongly denied that she broke up with Peach because of a third person, she firmly stated that she did not know each other. friendly with Note.

However, after being leaked more evidence by netizens, Patricia admitted that she was researching Note, and apologized to fans for saying vague words earlier. Of course, this explanation and apology of the 9X hybrid beauty could not please everyone and appease public opinion. From a beloved girl, Patricia is hated by Thai netizens, especially Peach’s fans, for accidentally betraying her idol.

“Just saying goodbye to the young master to come to the rich” is the saying that Thai netizens gave to Patricia when the scandal “cuckolding” her boyfriend Peach broke out.