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The best pictures of “contemporary Hollywood beauty goddess” Anne Hathaway: Hot beauty is hard to match

Possessing a classic gentle face mixed with modern strong features, Anne Hathaway is always in the top of the most beautiful female stars on the Hollywood big screen in the 2000s.

Anne Hathaway was born in 1982 in New York in a family with a lawyer father, an actress mother, a love for art was soon born in Anne from an early age.

When she was seven years old, Anne saw a musical in which her mother, Kathleen Ann McCauley, played Fantine on the first American tour of Les Misérables.

That inspired the actress to embark on the path of acting, acting in musicals.

In 2001, she hit the 7th art path with her debut film The Other Side of Heaven and only 1 year later, Anne “stormed” with the role of the abandoned princess Mia in The Public Diary. The Princess Diaries.

At that time, the 20-year-old girl with big round eyes, wide mouth and bright smile helped Anne Hathaway to be voted as one of the most beautiful and memorable female stars on the Hollywood big screen in the 2000s.

Contrary to the gentleness of the appearance, Anne Hathaway possesses a strong personality, determination and enthusiasm for the acting profession. She received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her leading role in “Les Miserables”.

In 2004, Hathaway began a romance with Italian real estate agent Raffaello Follieri. However, in 2008, Follieri was arrested on charges of defrauding millions of dollars. Anne Hathaway’s name was affected a lot even though she was acquitted.

Ending an unfinished love with Follieri, happiness once again smiled at Anne when she was lucky to meet “lightning” love with actor Adam Shulman.

In September 2012, the couple held a secret wedding ceremony on the California coast and welcomed their first son, Jonathan Rosebanks in 2016.

Jonathan Rosebanks is a sweet fruit crystallized from 4 years of infertility treatment of Anne and her husband.

The birth of the boy made her small home more full and happy.

Anne confided that her husband is very excited to help his wife in taking care of baby Jonathan, he especially loves the job of changing diapers for the baby.

“I love changing diapers. That’s great,” said Adam Shulman. “Every aspect of it was exciting.”

After becoming a wife and mother, Anne Hathaway was inspired to become an Ambassador to fight for the welfare of working parents.

“I can’t believe that parents are not given time to take care of their children,” the actress said.

Previously, Anne Hathaway was also honored by Step Up Womens’ Network and Elle magazines as “Hollywood Dedicating Woman” for her humanitarian activities during many years of artistic activities.

The actress has participated in many charities, including The Creative Coalition, Step Up Womens’ Network, ST Children’s Research Hospital.

Jude (St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital), Human Rights Campaign…

Recently, Anne announced she was pregnant with her second child at the age of 37. She happily shared the good news on Instagram and hopes her story will give hope to other infertile and infertile families.

“To those of you who are infertile or having difficulty conceiving, please remember that both my conceptions were not easy. Sending more deep love to you,” the actress wrote.

Confessed joy when she is about to welcome her second child, Anne said that she is ready to rearrange her busy schedule to spend time with her children: “I go shopping less, cook more regularly, read hard. book more, write more diligently, communicate more often”.

Anne Hathaway’s sexy, fresh and radiant beauty in the last month of pregnancy received many compliments from the public and fans.