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10 terrible mysteries of history so far mankind has not been solved

1. The 3-year-old boy pointed out the face of his abuser in his previous life

A 3-year-old boy in the Golan Heights (the area between Israel and Syria) told the police about how he was harmed in his previous life. At first, police thought it was a hoax, but they were shocked when the boy said the name of a man who went missing four years ago and claimed it was him.

3-year-old boy remembers the name of his killer in his previous life – Photo:

Then, following the boy’s instructions, the police found the missing man’s body buried. They also found an ax used to kill the victim.

The boy also stated the name of the person who harmed him. After that, the killer confessed to the crime he committed.

2. Mystery in Taos Town

Residents in the town of Taos in New Mexico state are annoyed by a low-frequency noise, which sounds like the humming of bees. A special feature is that only 2% of the population hear this noise.

The city with bizarre sounds constantly bothers people – Photo:

Many people believe that the sound is due to the unusual vibration of the air flow in the desert. Others say this is a secret government experiment. Until now, scientists have not been able to explain the origin of this noise.

3. Firefly show

The light show harmonizes with each other as if directed – Photo:

Every June, at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, east Tennessee, several species of fireflies come together for an incredible light show.

A special feature is that these fireflies flicker in sync with each other even though they are separate individuals. Some experts suggest that this is a mating ritual. The truth has yet to be explained.

4. Light explosion

Can volcanic eruptions and earthquakes be foretold? – Photo:

For years now, scientists have observed several bursts of light in the sky just before earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. They look like lightning. In 1960, they captured a video of the event and sought to answer.

To date, the relationship between these two different events has not been found. According to some explanations, it is possible that special geological activity has created special electric charges, but how the mechanism works is unknown.

5. The stones move by themselves

The stone moves on its own in the dry lake bed – Photo:

An extremely mysterious phenomenon has been discovered in Lake Racetrack Playa, in Death Valley in California for many centuries. This phenomenon is known as “traveling stones”: The stones automatically move through the lake bed without human hands or any other force.

Sometimes, some stones even change direction unexpectedly. Many people say that their movement is due to the wind, some say that it is due to the magnetism of the stones. Scientists still do not have an answer.

6. Brain Injury Turns Humans into Math Geniuses

The human brain is still a mystery that scientists cannot fully understand – Photo:

A 44-year-old man named Jason Padgett, was an employee of a furniture store and had never studied mathematics in his life. Then in 2002, he was beaten unconscious by a group of thugs. After regaining consciousness, Jason Padgett became a genius in mathematics.

The brain injury allowed him to absorb mathematical and physical theories extremely quickly. In turn, he suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression. He mistook himself to be a woman before the attack took place.

7. Strange beach

In the blink of an eye, the scenery of the beach has changed – Photo:

A beach in Portlevene (Cornwall, UK) has puzzled scientists when an extremely strange event occurs. A tidal current suddenly rose and washed away the sand. After it receded, the beach was left with only rocks and pebbles.

More strangely, within a few hours, another tidal current covered the beach and after it receded, the sand was returned as if it had never been washed away. The strange thing is that the amount of sand that is swept away and brought back is extremely large. Scientists say that this amount of sand takes several years for nature to accumulate enough.

8. Ghost lights

The lights floating in the air were not created by humans – Photo:

A bizarre natural phenomenon took place in the Hessdalen valley in 1940. White or yellow round lights were seen rising from the valley, hovering in the air and then disappearing. There is no indication that man made these bulbs.

Many people say that due to iron ore combined with the sulfur stream to form natural batteries. Scientists think that the evaporation of sulfur forms bubbles of ionized gas. When exposed to moist air, these bubbles react and glow. However, this study has not been proven.

9. Red light on the Pacific Ocean

Special lights were observed in the sky over the Pacific Ocean – Photo:

This particular glow was captured by J. van Heyst while he was flying from Hong Kong to Alaska. While passing through the Kamchatka peninsula, J. van Heyst saw a distinctive red light with prominent red dots. When the image was posted, many people believed that the flying saucer of the aliens was hiding in the clouds.

Scientists think otherwise. There was no storm during the flight, so they ruled out the possibility of a halo caused by thunder. According to some interpretations, this may be a reflection of an erupting volcano in the Pacific Ocean.

10. Migratory animals

Migratory animals are a great unsolved mystery – Photo:

Every year, many animals migrate from one place to another at certain times. This is an extremely conspicuous event, yet the mystery of it remains unsolved. Scientists still don’t understand how complex migration pathways can be accurately repeated by generations of animals without the slightest error. Even the next generation has never been led by the previous generations, but they can still fly on the predetermined route.