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Top 10 famous women with the most beautiful eyes in the world: Anyone who looks at it will fall in love with it

The eyes are considered as the mirror that reflects the soul of each person. Therefore, it is not surprising that women with beautiful eyes become so attractive and attractive in the eyes of men!

Let’s admire the most beautiful eyes in the world with mesmerizing eyes through the article below!

1. Aishwarya Rai

Miss World India Aishwarya Rai owns an extremely beautiful and impressive face. Not only that, she also owns a charming light blue eyes that seem to captivate the enemy full of mystery.

With eyes full of charm and strange charm, Time magazine voted Aishwarya Rai as one of the 100 people with the most beautiful eyes in the world. Not stopping there, a page of India’s DHM recently voted for her as one of 10 people with beautiful eyes. It is impossible not to say that Rai’s eyes are so magically attractive.

With her magical eyes, Aishwarya Rai became one of Bollywood’s top actors and the role model of many men around the world.

2. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is considered one of the most attractive women in the world. In addition to sexy curved lips, Mrs. Smith also has beautiful and attractive eyes that burn stone hearts.

Angelina Jolie’s eyes are a beauty of deep mystery, hidden with the power to conquer and dominate. Perhaps that is why she is always considered the most powerful actress in Hollywood.

3. Kristen Stewart

A carelessness, determination, coldness or complexity… can all come from Kriten Stewart’s eyes.

In particular, participating in the series “Twilight”, when Kristen Stewart turned into a beautiful vampire Bella with sharp red or silver eyes, her eyes became more attractive than ever. The eyes can be said to be the most impressive feature on Kristen Stewart’s face.

4. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor is one of the biggest stars of all time and a beauty icon of the world. Elizabeth Taylor’s talent and gorgeous beauty with purple eyes make many people fall in love as if they want to give their whole heart.

Her romantic eyes seem to exude a rich interior and easily create special emotions with the opposite person. It is these eyes that are one of the important factors that make up the image of “Queen Cleopatra” in the hearts of the audience.

5. Megan Fox

American beauty Megan Fox has charming blue eyes. She owns delicate eyebrows, beautiful sexy lips and especially big and round eyes that captivate many fans.

6. Lynda Carter

As an American singer and actress, Lynda Carter has always been successful in her artistic career and has won many awards. For her role as a superhero on the popular TV show Wonder Woman in 2004, she was awarded the TV Land Award.

What makes Lynda successful is not only her sincere and natural acting, but also her passionate eyes. How many fans have always been swayed by those talking eyes.

7. Audrey Herpburn

The next beauty on the list, who has the most beautiful eyes in the world belongs to Audrey Herpburn. It is impossible to describe the innocence and purity in Audrey Herpburn’s eyes when looking at the opposite person.

Audrey’s gaze was not sharp, but when one looked at it, one had the feeling of wanting to be protected and protected.

8. Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren, born Sofia Costanza Brigida Villani Scicolone is an Italian actress who has won an Oscar. She is often known as the most famous Italian actress of her time and also a major glamor icon in the world.

Any guy looking at Sophia Loren will have their hearts pounding because she has a provocative and very sexy eyes. She owns the most beautiful eyes in this world that makes everyone flutter every time they look at her.

9. Kristin Kreuk

When entering Lana Lang in “Smallville Town”, young girl Kristin Kreuk captivated many people by the look from her beautiful eyes.

Many people have commented on her eyes that: When looking into her eyes, there is a very strong attraction that they are hard to resist.

10. Alexandra Daddario

According to American media, Alexandra Daddario’s emerald green eyes and sculptural body, charming smile is even considered “the 8th wonder of the world”.

When looking into her eyes, one feels like being lost in a deep, vast, enchanting, seductive ocean.