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Beautifully carved beauties are compared to “the 8th wonder of the world”: a hybrid of 4 bloodlines, with a prestigious origin

With emerald green eyes, a charming smile and a sculpted body, Alexandra Daddario quickly became the most beautiful Hollywood star and earned her a fortune of millions of dollars.

There are many reasons for Hollywood millionaire Alexandra Daddario to be called a “goddess” of the silver screen. In the role of demigod Annabeth – the daughter of the goddess Athena, in the film adaptation of the Percy Jackson fantasy adventure book series, this actress left a deep impression on the audience.

Alexandra Daddario’s emerald green eyes and statue-like figure are even considered “the 8th wonder of the world”, according to US media. People often know her through her hot, passionate and passionate image in each role. However, few people expected that this beautiful actress also had a prestigious background and had a completely different future orientation.

Educated family background

Alexandra Daddario was born on March 16, 1986 in New York into a prestigious and educated family. Daddario’s beauty comes from the mixed Italian, Irish, Hungarian and English blood that she inherited from her parents.

She is a hybrid of 4 bloodlines.

Her father is prosecutor Richard Daddario and former head of the “Counter-Terrorism” unit of the New York police department, while her mother is an attorney, Christina Daddario.

Daddario once shared about his career-related background: “I come from New York and grew up in a situation where acting was not considered a serious career choice. The path I was destined to take was to go to college, go to Harvard, and become a lawyer or a doctor.”

Raised in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York, Daddario attended the private all-girls Brearley School and Professional Children’s School. Then, she enrolled at the private Marymount Manhattan College, which costs tens of thousands of dollars a year.

However, from the age of 11, Alexandra Daddario realized her desire to become an actress. This stems from the fact that she learned that her mother used to be a model before going to law school. Thinking about acting, playing different characters also makes her “extremely happy”.

After a period of persuasion, her parents supported her daughter to decide her own future. “I have always been happy with my choice of art and feel lucky to have my parents by my side,” she shared.

At 16 years old, starting a business, 24 years old, a famous name

At the age of 16, Daddario made his television debut as Laurie Lewis in the soap opera All My Children. She then appeared in episodes of “Law & Order”, “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”, “Conviction”, episode “Johnny Cakes” of “The Sopranos”…

She really started to attract attention when she starred in the movie Percy Jackson & the Lighting Thief (2010) adapted from the book of the same name. In the film, the beauty plays the daughter of the goddess Athena, the demigod Annabeth Chase. With intelligence and courage inherited from her mother, she becomes a helpful partner of the main character Peter Jackson (Logan Lerman) in the journey to find Zeus’s stolen lightning.

She really started to attract attention when she starred in the movie Percy Jackson & the Lighting Thief (2010).

Daddario’s acting is considered to be full of roles in a film for young people. In particular, the statue-like beauty and emerald green eyes “fascinated” many audiences. The work is also successful, grossing up to 226 million USD worldwide. In 2013, Daddario reappeared with Annabeth in the Sea of Monsters episode, which grossed nearly $200 million.

After that, Daddario participated in many other film projects to strengthen his name but did not achieve a breakthrough. She even took on the female lead role in the MV for the popular song “Radioactive” of the group Imagine Dragons.

It was not until participating in four episodes of the detective series True Detective that Alexandra Daddario flashed back. The film has attracted a large audience, being well appreciated by experts both in terms of script and acting. In his scenes, Daddario has “hot” screens, not only leaving an impression of his attractive physique but also the spirit of sacrifice for the role. GQ magazine even ranked a scene of her in the list of “16 hottest moments in television history”.

When sharing about the famous hot scene above, Daddario said she hesitated a lot and only agreed when the scene would make the audience have a different eye on the loyalty of Martin’s character, making the script become more interesting. More convinces.

The female millionaire owns many desirable properties

Alexandra Daddario bought the Brentwood villa on the Westside in Los Angeles, USA to make a new home. The villa was designed by the famous architect Allen Siple in 1950 and has been remodeled by the previous owners. Inside the villa has 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, garage, garden and swimming pool, mainly in peaceful country style.

Surrounded by trees and very quiet.

Before that, Alexandra Daddario was also known to own other valuable real estate. It is the elegant Hancock Park villa, which was later sold in November. This mansion was built in the late 1920s and was designed by the late architect Ralph C. Flewelling. The villa has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and a fountain.

The elegant Hancock Park Mansion.

The interior of the villa is in a luxurious style. The living room has a wood-burning fireplace, the doors are designed in French style. Kitchen in brown tones, blue oak cabinets, marble countertops.