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A series of rare photos showing off the beauty of women in the past, without makeup, the aesthetic is still strangely attractive

Today, access to beauty technologies is increasingly advanced and is applied by many women to have a good-looking appearance as well as more confidence. A study has shown that modern women spend an average of $8 a day on beauty products.

However, it is not because there are no makeup tricks and beauty technology that women in the past were less beautiful than today. If now we have “beauty walls”, “beauties of ten thousand people”, then a few hundred years ago, there were also many ladies who were called beautiful beauties with natural beauty. natural, poetic without the use of expensive makeup or corrective surgery.

Maude Fealy

Gladys Cooper

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

Lily Elsie

Billie Burke

Mary Pickford

La Belle Otero

Billie Burke

Aida Overton Walker

Evelyn Nesbit

Lina Cavalieri

Anna May Wong

Rose O’Neill

Marie Doro