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Ukrainian girl wearing a camisole, as beautiful as a lotus flower: Her face is gentle and holy like an angel

A set of lotus and girl photos is quite simple but makes many people ecstatic because of its beauty.

A series of photos of Western models posing on the lotus side made by photographer Trung Anh are being passed on by internet users around the world.

This set of photos collects terrible interactions on a famous fanpage.

Most netizens admit that they are attracted by the beauty of Western girls with noble flowers.

Dressed in a white bib, the girl is as beautiful as a picture.

The dreamy scene makes many people ecstatic.

Conquer the viewer from beauty to charisma.

Small face, white skin stands out in the middle of the lotus dress.

With traditional ao dai, the girl is as beautiful as a muse.

Trung Anh (author of the photo series) said that the girl in the photo is Olga Evil, 22 years old, from Ukraine.

The set of pictures was taken completely impromptu.

“Olga Evil took a walk near the lotus pond. I and a few other friends were immediately attracted by her beautiful face and eyes, so we asked to take a model photo. She agreed and this set of photos was born,” Trung said. He shared.

While shooting, Trung Anh was very surprised by Olga Evil’s professional pose and attitude. The set of photos was taken at the lotus pond of West Lake – Hanoi – Vietnam.