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Russian beauties with white skin like snow, pink lips fascinate men by the beauty of a fairy princess

Although not a celebrity, this girl still impresses with her lovely and beautiful appearance like a fairy.

Icy Tenshi

Icy Tenshi was searched for information by world netizens after a photo she took in Japan was posted.

Foreign girls in traditional costumes of women in the land of cherry blossoms attract attention because of their shining beauty. Icy Tenshi received countless beautiful, elegant and sophisticated compliments.

It is known that this girl born in 1998 is of Russian and Italian descent. She majored in Art History and Psychology.

Icy Tenshi is 1m70 tall with a slim body. Small face, harmonious lines with pink and white skin. In particular, her platinum hair makes many people compare her to a doll or a princess.

Foreign newspapers use many nicknames and fancy words to describe the beauty of the”hybrid rose”. They also liken her friend to a fairy descending to the earth, an ice queen, a beauty coming out of a picture…

Not only that, some netizens also think that Icy is quite similar to the character Kaguya in the Mobile Legends game. On Instagram, account juangalavipar humorously commented: “If you want to belong to me, I will stop playing Mobile Legends”. User dan_oyoy also couldn’t hold back his emotions at 9X’s touching beauty: “I’m really impressed. You’re like a cartoon character stepping out into the real world. So beautiful!”.

Impressive appearance caused her to encounter some rumors related to plastic surgery. Otherwise, she has also heavily edited her images. Icy Tenshi insists her face is completely natural. At the time of sharing, she said she was still too young to touch “cutlery”.

Icy Tenshi said that she did not seek surgery but took care of herself to be more beautiful. “Nordic fairies” are careful in choosing cosmetics containing BHA and AHA for the skin, using additional sleeping masks. In addition, she also works hard at the gym to maintain her figure.

Currently, Icy Tenshi has dyed her hair a darker color. Her image on social networks has also changed.

People see that Icy Tenshi is more mature, his facial features are also clearer than before.